Dear Students and revered parents, 
Intelligence plus character
That is The goal of true education

This is the belief system around which my identity revolves. I am a charismatic leader with an ever increasing thirst to learn new things and reach higher milestones in life. I feel that every child is like a flower and all it requires is guidance and care to reach to its full bloom, with almost an experience of nearly a decade and half I have always preferred to work in the role of a facilitator. I have worked with different brands to my credential and my journey has been impeccable and dynamic. From a kindergarten teacher to a principal of a flourished school, I have been a milestone in the path of many- pathways which led to success.
 As an educationist I firmly believe in the proactive role that an educational institution plays in the welfare of the society. Character building is one of the most important aspects for building a bright future for generations to come and it is equally important to focus on leadership training, self-governance, decision making, and crisis management along with mastery of regular subjects at school.
 I consider it an honour to be a part and parcel of this esteemed institution Jammu Sanskriti School, Kathua which is already moving ahead progressively with the pedagogy that it is knowledge that dispels all kinds of darkness and each individual should be a lifelong learner.
 It is our soul responsibility as the torch bearers to bring about the finest educational practices to evolve leaders in all fields, well equipped to face the 21st century challenges.
With Regards
Mili R. Sumbria
Jammu Sanskriti School Kathua