Excellent facilities for all team and individual games are the finest amongst the schools of the country, fostering team spirit and providing a welcome but constructive break from studies.

Specialized coaching for all major games and sports. Physical training and Drill are organized once a week under the supervision of experienced instructors. These develop locomotor skills, enhance physical growth and inculcate a sense of discipline and obedience

Inter School Activities
Students are empowered through community service, work projects, exchange programmes and adventure activities which takes them around the globe.

Hobbies and Extra Curricular Activities
Hobby clubs activities compliment the academic curriculum. Music, Dance, Drama performing artists, Art & Craft and Journalism for the creative minds, Karate, Skating. Special Domestic Science classes to make students perfect for life.

Excursions and Adventure
Recreational excursions to places of interest during mid-term breaks help them relax, explore and unwind. Adventure sports like trekking, long distance cycling etc. are encouraged.